Whitewater rafting trips near Yosemite National Park are available from April to September. Our river trips are located within 2-3 hours of Yosemite.

  • Trips for kids ages 4+ are available on the Lower Middle Fork American River and the South Fork American River.
  • For beginner/intermediate trips the American River is reliable for rafting all summer and the East Fork Carson trips are only offered in the spring.
  • For those looking for a trill the Middle Fork American River provides all summer long action and in the spring the North Fork American near Sacramento and Kaweah River near Sequoia National Park are great.

Planning a rafting trip near Yosemite:

Yosemite is a popular vacation destination for travelers coming from near and far. There are no rafting trips directly within Yosemite, but many options nearby. A scenic drive towards Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, and Sequoia will bring to one of our rafting locations.

River Rafting Near Yosemite