East Fork Carson River – “Wilderness Run” 2 day raft trip


Wilderness Camping & Hot Springs!

Difficulty: Beginner

Rating: Class 2-2+

Minimum Age: 4 years

Length: 21 miles

Time: 9:30am day 1 – 5:00pm day 2

Price: Starting at $319 [ VIEW PRICES ]

Includes 4 meals, dry bags for gear, and 1 night camp. Inflatable Kayaks possible.


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An overnight East Fork Carson River rafting trip is by far the best way to experience this unique free flowing river. It takes full advantage of the hot-springs, scenery and wilderness surroundings.

On the first morning we meet near Hangman’s Bridge near Markleeville, and pack personal gear into dry bags to be loaded onto a separate oar raft. There is no road access into this wilderness area, so all the equipment and food is transported down the river. We do request that you pack lightly.

We then begin our leisurely trip in this beautiful canyon, stopping for lunch at a suitable beach area and for possible side hikes. We continue on to our camp, usually just above the main hot-springs. It is a beautiful grassy flat area, with large pines that offer shade, junipers, and across the river from some scenic volcanic orange cliffs dotted with trees. You will have time to set-up camp, head down the trail to a little known small hot springs, or simply relax with a cold drink while your guides prepare your dinner. Fishing is excellent in this protected waterway for ‘wild trout’, but do not forget your license and check on local restrictions. After dinner, the stars come out over the East Fork Carson River in a way city-dwellers rarely see. This is the perfect time to go down to the hot springs and relax in the warmth while watching the moon rise. You may also just enjoy the peace and quiet of the wilderness while sipping a glass of wine or a steaming mug of hot chocolate around the camp fire. We promise that you will sleep well at night!

Next morning, you will wake to the aroma of coffee brewing. While the guides prepare breakfast, personal camping gear is packed, and early risers can visit the hot springs again, take a walk or fish. Shortly after departing from camp, we maneuver the Class 2+ ‘Sidewinder’ rapid – the most difficult on the river and may make another hot springs stop. Lunch is again served on the river with a possible cave side-hike.

The take-out is at BLM boat ramp, near Gardnerville in Nevada. We provide cold drinks while we load all the overnight gear onto our waiting shuttle.  We then return you to your car in Markleeville.

Tributary Whitewater Tours operates under permit from the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider.