North Fork American River – “Chamberlain Falls Double Run” 1 day raft trip


Double the Fun in 1 day!

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Rating: Class 4+

Minimum Age: 16 years

Length: 18 miles

Time: Varies, 8:00-10:00am – 3:00/5:00pm

Price: Call for Pricing [ VIEW PRICES ]

Lunch included. Strong swimming skills required.


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A North Fork American River Double run in 1 day may be possible for a fit, active and experienced group.

The trip will involve an early morning meeting in Weimar. We will shuttle you to the put-in launch site near Colfax. The challenge on this American River rafting trip starts right from the beginning. First, we negotiate a Class III-IV gorge with a series of boulder slalom rapids called ‘Slaughter Sluice’ before crashing over the Class 4+ ‘Chamberlain Falls’. In short order comes more Class 3-4 rapids named ‘Tongue & Groove’, ‘Zig-Zag’, ‘Bogus Thunder’, ‘Grand Slalom’ and ‘Devil’s Staircase’. On the first trip we can sometimes take out at Shirttail Canyon (Yankee Jims Bridge) after lunch and return to the put-in.

On the second run you re-run the above, and we continue past the Yankee Jims Bridge. The last 4 miles allow time for some relaxation in some frequent but mellower Class 2-3 rapids. We float through this tranquil, peaceful, and rarely seen American River Canyon. Now you can take this opportunity to admire the beautiful, clean water and polished granite. We take out at the Ponderosa Bridge site where you are greeted with a cold drink and we shuttle you back your vehicles