Upper Klamath River – “Hells Corner” 2 day raft trip


Hells Canyon Twice!

Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Rating: Class 4+

Minimum Age: 13 years

Length: 23 miles

Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Price: Starting at $389 [ VIEW PRICES ]

Includes 4 meals and 1 night camp. Camping equipment NOT included but available for rent.


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This Upper Klamath River 2 day rafting trip has some long Class 4+ rapids, and is best tackled by those who have at least some Class 3 paddling experience. It does require strong swim skills.

We get an early start on this 2 day rafting trip, due to a 73 mile shuttle from Weed into Oregon. Its about 1 hr 20 min to the put-in below J.C. Boyle Powerhouse. This power house gives us those consistent all summer flows. This Upper Klamath River trip is well worth the trek.

The Upper Klamath River 2 day trip trip starts out with 5+ miles of Class 3 rapids to warm up on before tackling the big stuff. We will normally pull in to the Frain Ranch site on the left bank to allow the clients to scout the 100 yard boulder-choked chute of Caldera (Class 4+). The gradient changes and the rapids are long and the water is big. The next 6 miles offers some wild white water. The 600 yard Class 4+ Hells Corner is the highlight, but there are other Class 4 rapids like Satan’s Gate, Ambush, Snag Island, and plenty of Class 3-3+ action too.

We lunch on the river before crossing back into California at mile 11. The take-out is at the Oregon/California border and we may camp at the BLM Stateline campground. Also on occasions we shuttle back upstream to camp at Frain Ranch above Caldera.  The camping is great in this rugged high desert volcanic rock canyon carved by the Upper Klamath River.  In camp you can try your hand at catching wild trout, swim in the usually warm waters, go for a hike, or just relax discussing the day. Sip wine and cold beer and sample appetizers while your guides prepare dinner.

You awaken next morning to the aroma of coffee brewing and breakfast sizzling. If we did not shuttle back upstream to camp the day before, we will ride back after breakfast.

The day 2 put-in is at Frain Ranch above Caldera, so you get to run all the exciting stuff again!! We run the 6 mile stretch back down to Stateline and then continue downstream. The canyon opens up and the river mellows. You can try your hand at guiding the rafts or body-surfing, and there is still some fun stuff over old diversion dams. We typically take out at Fishing Access 6 above Copco Lake. You will be served refreshments before loading up and heading back to the meeting location.