Our Fabulous Guides and Other Staff

Our rafting guides love being on the river whenever they can. Their enthusiasm shows when they are working on any of our California rafting trips. In the off season they can be found on the local rivers like the Yuba and North Fork American when the flows are good. Many have rafted the Grand Canyon, as well as notorious international rivers as the Futaleufu in Chili and numerous others throughout Mexico and Central America. 

Their love for rafting and being on the river is infectious. They share their enthusiasm for the rivers and their knowledge of surrounding environments and ecology on our trips. Raft California prides itself on the excellence of its well-qualified and personable employees. If you are looking to join our team please check out our employment page. 

Jeremiah Copper

Title: Owner / Raft Guide / Driver
Hometown: Zanesville, Ohio
Rafting Since: 1990
Favorite River Trip: Snake River / Hells Canyon

Jeremiah grew up in the Appalachian foothills of south eastern Ohio. His family went on a rafting trip in West Virginia when he was 9 years old. After the trip they visited the gift shop and he bought a patch with his vacation allowance. It is safe to say, that  after that family rafting trip, Jeremiah was hooked on white water. To this day, Jeremiah still adorns that patch on the back of his PFD (aka Life Jacket). 

After high school, Jeremiah moved to West Virginia and trained as a river raft guide. The desire to see new rivers led him west where he started guiding in California. He eventually fell madly in love with a pretty girl named Eva guiding rafts for another company… skipping the sappy part…Eva and Jeremiah “grew up”, bought a house and while trying their hands at “real jobs”, they found out they were expecting a child. They decided at that point, that the river community was the place for them.

That’s how Jeremiah became a rafting outfitter! He (Eva and their now 2 kids) have spent the last 5 years building a family friendly business that is dedicated to delivering experiences that can change your life when you’re 9 years old!

Jeremiah loves spending time with his family. He and Eva guide many trips together and will usually bring their two boys with them on the river, especially for multi-day rafting & camping adventures. Request them for your next river trip and you will get the whole family experience! We hope we will have the opportunity to go on an adventure with you and be part of a memorable moment in your life.

Chris Reeves

Title: Raft Guide 
Hometown: Bentonville, Arkansas
Rafting Since: 2004

Chris Reeves, originally from Bentonville, Arkansas, embarked on his river guiding journey back in 2004 on the Ocoee River in Tennessee. In pursuit of his passion, he made the significant move to California in 2006 and has been stationed in Lotus since 2009. Chris joined Tributary in 2016, marking another milestone in his guiding career. His initial exposure to California’s waterways was influenced by a friend’s recommendation, drawing him to the Kern River. Chris’s dedication to guiding traces back to his high school days when he became a river guide right after graduation. 

Beyond the river, Chris finds joy in fostering connections between people and nature through his guiding endeavors. When he isn’t guiding for Tributary you can find him on the river with friends during the summer or on the slopes skiing in the winter. The off-season doesn’t mean downtime for Chris, as he continues working year-round, transitioning to an office role at Tributary during the winter months. Family holds a special place in his heart, with visits to Arkansas for the holidays during the off-season. 

Favorite mantra: “Chance favors the prepared mind.” 

Jessica Hranek

Title: Sales
Hometown: Escondido, California
Rafting Since: 2020

Jessica Hranek’s journey to the river was a lifestyle transformation. After her job was eliminated during the pandemic, Jessica seized this moment as an opportunity to redefine her path. She packed her car up and embarked on a month-long exploration of the United States, covering 7,000 miles and 28 states. Her travels led eventually her to a serene lake near Sonora, where a spontaneous decision to try white water rafting with Tributary on the Middle Fork American River ignited a profound passion within her.

The thrill and deep connection to nature experienced during her whitewater trip inspired Jessica to return to San Diego only briefly before she was drawn back to the river. When she came back, she introduced her 8-year-old daughter to rafting on the South Fork, she loved seeing her daughter light up in the same way. Jessica couldn’t get enough of rafting and kept booking more trips.  Their shared experiences on the river led to a significant lifestyle change, as they were invited to camp out for the season. 

Jessica’s commitment to her new passion was recognized in 2021 when she was invited to attend guide school. Her dedication and skills led to a full-time guiding role for two seasons, culminating in a management position in Sales by 2023.

“Guiding challenges me in so many ways- and there’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment between you and your team after tapping into nature and successfully navigating these incredible rivers!”

Favorite mantra: “Hakuna Matata :)”