Whitewater Rafting Ashland Oregon

Embark on an unforgettable whitewater rafting Ashland Oregon adventure with Tributary Whitewater Tours, the go-to choice for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike. Located just outside the picturesque town of Ashland, our rafting trips offer a perfect blend of exhilarating rapids and serene waters along the iconic Rogue River.

Why Choose Us for Your Oregon Whitewater Experience?

  • Expertly Guided Tours: Dive into the heart of Oregon’s natural beauty with our experienced guides.
  • Diverse Adventures: From adrenaline-fueled rapids to peaceful floats, find your perfect trip.
  • More Than Rafting: Combine your adventure with camping near Ashland Oregon for a complete outdoor experience.

As the best Rogue River rafting company, we’re dedicated to making your whitewater rafting in Oregon journey memorable. Ready to explore the wild waters of Oregon? Join us for an adventure where every paddle stroke tells a story.

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Experience white water rafting Oregon with Tributary Whitewater Tours. Enjoy thrilling rapids and serene waters along the Rogue River in Ashland. With expert guides and diverse trips, we offer the best of Oregon whitewater rafting. Book now for an unforgettable adventure.


Dates: March
- October

Flowing westward from the Cascade Range to the Pacific Ocean, the Rogue River is situated in Southwest Oregon. It is in close proximity to major cities like Medford, Grants Pass, and Ashland. Medford, serving as a primary entry point to the Rogue River region, is about 27 miles northeast of Grants Pass. Additionally, the Rogue River is approximately 280 miles south of Portland, Oregon.

  • River raft the Wild & Scenic section (not all guided trips raft this section)
  • Rogue River rafting offers massive relief (3,000ft-4,000ft) from the mountain tops to the river below, creating stunning views.
  • Trail running (hiking) options on the Rogue River Running Trail – we carry your gear in the boats as you run the trail along the river.
  • Option to upgrade your stay from camping in tents to private lodges – inquire with us!
  • Fantastic fishing -steelhead, chinook salmon, rainbow trout and cutthroat trout.
  • Mountainous costal river area, very lush area – a “green belt” for river rafting.
  • The area is among the four most diverse temperate coniferous forests in the world, containing 3,500 different plant species.

RIVER RAFTING ON THE Lower Klamath River

Dates: May
- July

The Lower Klamath River is located in Northern California and Southern Oregon in the United States. It flows westward from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, forming part of the border between California and Oregon. It is approximately 350 to 400 miles north of San Francisco in the Klamath National Forest.

  • One of the first rivers in California to be named a Wild and Scenic River and awarded the 2024 River of the Year by American Rivers
  • Features large, sandy beaches to lounge on and warm, clear waters to swim in
  • Offers three incredible days of river rafting— perfect for families with kids ages 4+
  • Opportunity to take a beautiful side hike to the remote Ukonum Falls, a pair of twin waterfalls spilling 25 feet down to a swimming hole
  • A birdwatcher’s dream! Countless migratory birds and the nearby wildlife refuges have the largest winter population of bald eagles in the Lower 48 states
  • Fantastic fishing for both steelhead at our overnight camps
  • Watch for black bears, otters, and deer as you raft through the Klamath-Siskiyou region, one of the most biodiverse areas of the US. Maybe you’ll even see Bigfoot!
  • Navigate smaller rapids yourself in our inflatable kayaks


Dates: June
- August

The Trinity River is located in Northern California, with our meeting point about an 1 1/2 hrs west of Redding. It flows through the Klamath Mountains and Trinity Alps, passing through Trinity County and flowing into the Klamath River. The Trinity River is known for its diverse landscapes, including canyons, forests, and mountainous terrain.

  • Trips vary in difficulty and length
  • Whitewater rafting available all summer long
  • Class III half-day trip options
  • Class IV & V trips with 1 day and 2 day options through the Burnt Ranch Gorge section
  • Located in Northern California in the Trinity Alps only
  • Dense forests, mountainous terrain and scenic canyons
  • Raft the Wild & Scenic River section
  • Trinity River trips require group bookings
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