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Tributary Whitewater Gift Certificates

Give the gift of an experience with a whitewater rafting gift certificate! 

A river rafting experience is a fantastic way to make lasting memories, reconnect with others, and create anticipation prior to a rafting adventure. Whether it is conquering rapids or relaxing on a wellness specialty rafting trip, there are many whitewater trips to choose from.

Our gift cards are offered in a variety of price ranges great for half day trips starting at just $89 per person to covering multi-day adventures.

We also offer custom gift card pricing. If you would like to purchase a gift certificate at a certain amount for a specific trip please contact us!

To Redeem: It’s really simple. Our Gift Certificates have a unique code the recipient can use to reserve online or they are welcome to call us on the phone to book their rafting trip.

Gift Cards are Perfect for…

½ Day Rafting Trips as Gifts for Friends and Family: The ideal introduction for new river rafters, half-day whitewater trips offer a taste of the water that will leave them hooked for years to come. 

Gifts for Families: A perfect gift idea for an entire family! In addition to our smaller denominations we also offer gift card amounts to get the entire family on the river.