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Class 3

Snake River Hells Canyon Whitewater Rafting Trips

Hells Canyon Snake River whitewater rafting and camping trips.

Join us for a white water rafting adventure down Hells Canyon, just outside Boise, ID where we will raft, camp, enjoy stories from the past, explore canyon caves and more!

Launching from Halfway, Oregon our beginner-level Snake River whitewater rafting trip feature Class 3 rapids sitting at 3k feet elevation.  Hells Canyon rafting trips span 36 miles over 4 days with the rafting season running from May to September.

Our all-inclusive Snake River rafting trips are modeled after Canyon Outfitters excursions. We are thrilled to take over their operations and continue providing guests with the same high-quality adventures. Our team is honored to lead guests on unforgettable experiences on the Snake River.


Hells Canyon - 4 Day Women's Wellness Retreat

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Hells Canyon - 4 Day Wilderness Raft Trip

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Hells Canyon - 4 Day Fishing & Hunting Trip

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Where to Meet and Where to Stay

We meet our guests in Halfway, OR, closest airports to the Snake River are in Boise, ID and Portland, OR. The evening prior to our rafting trip beginning we will all gather for a pre-trip dinner, which was started by George and Lynette (original Canyon Outfitter owners). This is a fun meet a great with our guests, as well as a reunion with those that have come rafting with us in the past. We will give you your dry bags to pack your personal gear for the trip that evening at your leisure.

We suggest the The Pine Valley Lodge for lodging, a wonderful breakfast is included with your stay. The morning of your rafting trip you will meet us at the put in with your dry bags already packed to be loaded on the gear boat. We launch and enjoy 4 magical days exploring Hells Canyon and return, upstream via jet boat, on day 4.

This being a remote destination rafting trip, we get to meet guests from all over the United States and the world, making it a real unique experience each adventure.

Great for Kids

The Snake River Canyon is a kids outdoor playground! Our trips are great for families and groups. Kids as young as 7 are welcome on our Overnight Raft & Camping adventures (must be 21 for our Martinis & Massages experience).

Chukar Hunting & Fishing

Summer fishing includes catches of bass, trout, and sturgeon and in the fall, the steelhead arrive in the river. Our special chukar hunting trips start late September and run through the end of October.

Martinis & Massages – Originally brought to you by Canyon Outfitters

This multi-day rest and relaxation vacation was introduced to the Snake River from Canyon Outfitters, and we have every intention of keeping this dream alive. The 4 day rafting, relaxing, yoga, hiking and yes drinking adventure, is a great way to get away from it all with a unique twist.

About the Snake River

The Snake River is well known for its beauty, history & geology – join us for a white water rafting adventure down Hells Canyon, just outside Boise, ID where we will raft, camp, enjoy stories from the past, explore canyon caves and more!

The Snake River is the longest tributary of the Columbia River and runs from  Hells Canyon is the deepest naturally carved river gorge. The Snake River starts in eastern Wyoming, and travels through Idaho and then North bordering both Oregon and Idaho.

There is representation of human habitation on the Snake River dating back over 11,000 years. There are many phases of adaptive systems that have called these river banks home. Early fur trading evidence also exist along the Snake River, dating back 4,500 years back at one trading center in the Weiser area.

Native American history including the Nez Perce and Shoshone tribes occupying the Snake River Plain, although the two lived different lifestyles with livelihoods being quite different. The annual salmon run was prominently supporting the Nez Perce, who lived on the river in villages, while the Shoshone inhabited the plains and focused mainly on fur trading.

The Lewis and Clark expedition traveled these waters in the early 1800s, continuing all the way to the Columbia River, then to the Pacific Ocean. Fur trapping was prominent once the American settlers moved and beaver trapping competition from the Hudson Bay Company (out of Canada) was tough. In a short period of time the industry eradicated the beaver population, also in an attempt to keep the American pioneers away.

The Oregon Trail followed much of the Snake River, and the travelers would trade for salmon near Shoshone Falls.

Snake River rafting trips will include side hikes, swimming, fishing, but also the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the sun setting and rising each day, making it an amazing vacation.


Where should I stay in Halfway Oregon the night before my trip starts?

The Pine Valley Lodge: We recommend our guests stay here for your night before trip lodging. After our meet & greet dinner enjoy an evening at the Pine Valley Lodge. Breakfast the following morning is included at this location.

Halfway Motel & RV Park: Another great place to stay in Halfway.

What Class rapids are on the Snake River?

The rapids on the Snake River are rated Class II-III during normal flows. Some springs will see higher flows up to Class IV when snowpack levels and runoff are above normal.

Meeting Location

Meeting Location:

Tributary Whitewater – Snake River Outpost
38481 Sawmill Cutoff Ln
Halfway, Oregon 97834