4 Day Wilderness River Raft Trip

Prices Starting At

$1,499 Adults (14+)
$1,339 Kids

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Remote White Water Rafting + Hot Springs

Often dubbed the “Grand Canyon of Oregon,” the Owyhee River presents a captivating scenery with towering cliffs and a 3,000-foot relief. Encompassing a vast two million acres, the Owyhee Canyonlands offer an extensive and pristine wilderness for exploration. The river rafting expedition unveils remarkable views of red-rock spires in Honeycombs, Chalk Basin, and Leslie Gulch, complemented by historic petroglyphs providing insights into the area’s cultural history.

This white water rafting trip features four days and three nights of a very unique part of Oregon. The arid landscape, devoid of inhabitants and vegetation, adds to the mystique. The steep cliffs and narrow canyon create a captivating experience for those exploring the region.

Hot Springs

There are several hot springs along the river to soak in during the trip including Echo Rock Hot Springs, Snively Rock Hot Springs, Greely Hot Springs and Three Forks Hot Springs. Many of them are primitive with mud bottoms and varying in size. A few are located right on the banks of the river while most we will need to hike a bit to get to – we try to explore as many hot springs as possible during the trip depending on timing, weather, and river conditions.

All or part of this operation is conducted on public lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.


  • Known as the “Grand Canyon of Oregon” with breathtaking towering cliffs and 3,00o ft relief from the water
  • Option to stop and soak in multiple hot springs along the river
  • Experience the Owyhee Canyonlands via river rafting, which stretch across more than two million acres
  • White water raft the Wild & Scenic River section
  • Very remote, wild and untouched
  • View red-rock spires Honeycombs, Chalk Basin, and Leslie Gulch
  • Historic petroglyphs
  • Noted as one of the least tainted by light pollution in the lower 48, this region is a hallmark for stargazing.
  • Explore the Birch Creek Historic Ranch post-trip at our takeout point.

River Map

Trip Itinerary

Our white water rafting trip launches in Rome, OR and ends at the Birch Creek take out

Six and one-half miles from the Rome put in; Crooked Creek comes in on the left, marking the start of the canyon. The canyon opens for several miles; about 6 miles below Crooked Creek is Upset Rapids, class III, followed by Bullseye, class II-III. Artillery Rapids (mile 21.5) is a straightforward class III. About 1 mile below this rapid, Rustlers Cabin makes a nice break stop along the right. The cabin has been badly damaged over the last ten years, and only some of the walls remain. Old farm equipment and rock corrals here are impressive historic sights. Look for a hot spring near the river within the marshy area if you crave a warm soak.

Lambert Rocks rise majestically along the left 2 miles beyond Rustlers Cabin. After beautiful Lamert Rocks, Bogus Creek Falls is seen on the right at mile 27.5. Another 1.5 miles farther is class III Dogleg; after 2 more miles comes Whistling Bird Rapids, class IV-.

Pure spring water flows right out of the side of the canyon at Weeping Wall and hot springs are present at Ryegrass or Greely Bar. Dramatic, awe-inspiring geological features where cliffs drop hundreds of feet directly into the canyon are influenced by faulting and warping.

The middle section of the Owyhee from Three Forks to the Rome put-in is a 39-mile challenge, featuring Class III, IV, V+ rapids with boulder gardens, heavy hydraulics and steep drops. This one is not for the faint of heart. The aptly named Half Mile rapid offers nonstop adrenaline, as does The Ledge and the oft-portaged Widowmaker.

Continuing along, the next rapid you encounter is Montgomery rapid, the canyon narrows dramatically as it makes an S-turn and then widens again. Next look for beautiful, spring-fed Rinehart Creek which cascades down the left bank. Just downstream of Rinehart Creek is Morcum Dam rapid, formed by the remains of an old diversion dam for Hole-in-the-Ground Ranch.

A mile below the ranch, on the left, look for some historic native petroglyphs on rock slabs near the river. Respect the area and take only photos. A hot spring is located at a grassy spot on the left just 2 miles below the petroglyphs. We will take out at Birch Creek Historic Ranch on the 4 day trip.

We work with a local vehicle shuttle service and coordinate having your car transported from our put in location to our take out point. Your car is stored at the shuttle service’s secure lot during the trip and moved to our take out spot the day our trip ends. When your trip is completed, your car will be waiting for you! Fees are calculated per vehicle. Reservations are coordinated through Tributary.

Traveling to the

Where to Meet

Rome, Oregon at the Owyhee River put in.

Flying In

Fly into the Boise Airport (BOI) and take a 3hr  drive to our meeting point where the fun begins!

What’s the Drive Time

From the Tributary meet up point in Rome, OR to:

Where To Stay

Rome Oregon is very remote and there are no hotel lodging accommodations in the area. Tent camping is available at the Owyhee River Put In (our meeting location).

What Should I Bring

For Rafting

  • Required Items
    • Re-usable 20oz or more water bottle
    • Shoes (no flip flops)
  • Suggested Items
    • Sunglasses (with a strap)
    • Baseball hat
  • Do Not Bring
    • Cell Phones
    • Wallets
    • Expensive jewelry

For Camping

  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Tent
  • Pillow
  • Flashlight/Headlamp
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Camp chair


Click here for a full detailed list of what to wear and what to bring.

What Does Tributary Provide

Included with Rafting

  • PFD (Personal floatation device / aka life jacket)
  • Paddle
  • Helmet
  • Professional raft guide for each raft
  • Shuttles to/from camp

Included with this Overnight River Rafting Trip

  • 2 nights camping
  • Dry Bag for your gear
  • 11 meals
    • Meet & greet dinner the evening before your trip begins
    • Day 1 – lunch & dinner
    • Day 2 – breakfast, lunch & dinner
    • Day 3 – breakfast, lunch & dinner
    • Day 4 – breakfast & lunch