California Rafting Meals & Menus

stir-fryOur meals always consist of plentiful, fresh and wholesome ingredients. Our clients are often surprised at the sumptuous feast that is produced riverside. On wilderness style trips the kitchen and all the food is transported in separate oar rafts.
We cater to special requirements on request including vegan, paleo, and gluten free diets. Vegetarians usually have no issues even if we are not informed ahead of time, however we always prefer to know so we can adjust the quantities accordingly, especially if many in the group do not eat meat. Unfortunately it is not possible to supply kosher meals as we have found that the items are just not available in the local area.

We will be glad to quote you for the addition of any extra meals, like a BBQ for a group after a trip, meals for non-rafters, lunch after a 1/2 day morning trip, first day breakfast etc.


  • Appetizers: While guides cut and prepare the main lunch items, you will be served:
    • Chips and salsa
    • Fresh vegetables and hummus dip
    • Seasonal fruit
  • Lunch: Either a deli-style spread or BBQ burgers. These are “help yourself, make your own” style with all the trimmings/toppings. Peanut butter and jelly are always available. Please alert us of any peanut allergies.
  • Dessert: Cookies are served for dessert!
  • Drinks: There is a juice and water station with cups for you to help yourself.

For additional lunches on a multi-day trip:

  • Caesar chicken salad wraps (romaine lettuce, chicken, Caesar dressing, and croutons in a wrap!)


  • Appetizers: usually vegetables & dips; cheese & crackers; and chips & salsa.
  • Main Course: Barbecued chicken and/or tri-tip, baked potatoes or corn, mixed salad with artichokes, garlic bread. Vegetarian & vegan options are available, and may be garden burgers or lasagna.
  • Dessert: Dutch-oven baked desserts (brownies, upside pineapple cake) served with whipped cream or a delectable cheesecake with fresh fruit.
  • Drinks: Soda, water and hot beverages available for all and a moderate amount of beer and wine is available for adults 21+.


The most important item first thing in the morning for many is coffee. This is the first thing our guides get going when they wake up. The aroma will be tempting you from your sleeping bags.

  • First Thing/Drinks: Coffee! You will often wake from your tent already smelling the freshly brewed coffee! Also a selection of juice, milk, and hot water for teas and cocoa.
  • Continental Breakfast: Available before the main breakfast course, and if there is an early departure eg. on a South/Middle American River combo. 
    • Pastries
    • Fresh seasonal fruit
    • Granola
    • Yogurt
    • Bagels
  • Traditional Cooked Breakfast: A wonderful spread to start your day includes:
    • Scrambled eggs
    • Bacon or sausage
    • Hash browns, pancakes or cinnamon toast:

Read what our clients have to say

Summer A. Prescott Valley, AZ – Yelp Reviewer
“Meals at the camp and on the river were awesome! Not just hamburgers and chips like we expected but well thought out meals. We had BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, steak, and even “Chef Dave” made scratch lasagna in the Dutch oven. As appetizers there were fruit and cheese platters, spinach dip, and a glass of wine to top it off. The brownies Dave made in the Dutch oven were the best I have tasted! While on the river we had great sandwiches and chicken wraps. My sister is gluten free and they even took that into account and made separate meals that she could enjoy as well. The whole Tributary crew contributed to prepping and cooking the meals and we enjoyed playing cards and talking about their worldly adventures while they cooked from the heart.”
(from a 2 day South Fork / Middle Fork American River overnight trip)

Alex U. Glendale, CA – Yelp Reviewer
“For lunch they served us pineapple, salsa and chips, fruit, and an assortment of meats and cheese for sandwiches with fresh avocado and everything you’ll need for the perfect sandwich, but that’s not even the best part. Once we finished our tour we got back to our campsite to find Dave cooking us a MEAN dinner!! This was the best meal I had my entire trip., he made us a fresh salad, corn, tri tip (bombest tri tip ever!!!!!!) , mash potatoes, and BBQ chicken( which was the juiciest chicken I’ve ever had) he even brought us a whole cooler of beer!!”
(from a 2 day Middle Fork American River overnight trip)  

Lisa G. Fresno, CA – Yelp Reviewer
“Lunch was better than I expected. appetizers were fresh fruit platter, carrots and cucumber with ranch, red pepper hummus, oreos, and chips and salsa with tea and water readily available. main course was a deli spread and i was very happy that they do not skimp on the avocado lol.”
(from a 1 day Middle Fork American River trip)