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New Year – New Us!

We wouldn’t be out here doing what we love without you. 

As 2022 came to an end we spent time reflecting on where we came from, and where we are going, and are excited to share some changes heading into 2023. Over the past several years Tributary has grown and expanded to include many different names and new rivers. Those who have been rafting with us for years probably recognize the names of Adventure Connection, Raft California, High Desert River Outfitters, Raft Oregon, and Mariah Wilderness Expeditions. These businesses have operated under the Tributary name for some time now, this history means a lot to us and is important for us to keep as part of who we are. 

As we reflected on our history we also looked toward our future. We are excited to announce that this year starts a transformation for us – we will be working towards one cohesive brand and one name under Tributary Whitewater. So, what does that mean? Over the next year or so, our websites will slowly merge into one, our social media accounts will become one as well. The other websites you may have visited in the past will slowly be turned towards Tributary Whitewater. One voice, one brand, one cohesive experience.

As part of this we also want to share our story with you. Where we came from and who we are. We invite you to head over to our website to check out our history and timeline, our updated story, and learn more about our guides and team. 

We’ve had unbelievable experiences on the river with you over the years and look forward to seeing you on the water again soon… under one name and one brand… Tributary Whitewater. Incredible River Experiences.