Wetsuits, splash tops and spring rafting

Spring Rafting Gear and attire

Wetsuits are required for most Spring rafting trips  Our wetsuits are farmer John/Jane style which are best for rafting. These cover the torso and have full length legs, best for mobility, also if you do end up in the water and need to swim. These include a splash top & long sleeve fleece. 

A whitewater DrySuit can be worn as well, we do not provide these, but they can be rented from local shops including The River Store in Lotus, CA and Sierra Outdoor Center in Auburn, CA. 

When dressing, do not wear cotton on the river. We suggest wearing a bathing suit as a first layer, a long sleeve polypro top/fleece, sneakers & polypro/neoprene socks.

Wetsuit and Splash top rentals

Wetsuits are typically required for our spring rafting trips. When river flows are high they are also required for an extended time into our summer raft trip season.

Guests are welcome to bring their own or rentals are $20/person* and include both a wetsuit (farmer john style) and a splash jacket.

We suggest you also review the specifics of what to bring for your specific trip, your email confirmation will have the direct link for that.

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