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High Water Rafting Trips for Kids

Rafting with Kids during a high water spring melt – yes we have trips for kids still!

The entire west coast has seen a monster winter season, breaking record after record… and it’s still going! So what does this mean for rafting and spring melts? The most important thing is to make sure everyone is safe and has a positive rafting experience. 

Are you considering bringing your entire family on the river this spring?  Are you apprehensive about the possibility of high river levels?  Our team continually looks at river flows and makes adjustments to our operations based on what we see, especially considering kids trips. Many of us at Tributary are parents and our kids have been rafting for many seasons including high water seasons. Our experience rafting with kids and river knowledge allows us to modify age restrictions (and swimming ability requirements) for the safest and best time possible for everyone in your group. 

Our kids rafting trips for spring have been modified, see below for highlighted spring trips this year. Note that we suggest younger kids (4-7) might want to wait until July/August when river trips will return to regular flows.  But please call us to discuss details.

Rafting adventures suitable for kids ages 7+ when flows are higher

Rafting adventures suitable for kids ages 10+ when flows are higher

Questions or concerns?

Our staff is happy is help, and many of us are parents! We’ve been taking our kids on river adventures since many of them were still crawling (or even in the womb). We understand all kids are different and we are happy to help assist in choosing the best river trip, or time to go rafting for your family.