The Middle Fork American River is set in a beautiful, rugged wilderness canyon in the Gold Country foothills. It has a very remote feel despite being close to Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. There are a several memorable rapids on this run, the first being “Tunnel Chute”. This a man made chute & tunnel were created by miners during the Gold Rush Era. They dynamited creating the narrow chute with steep rocky walls and the tunnel after. After you round the corner and get your first (and brief) glimpse of “the Chute” all you see is whitewater and the steep walls as you This leads to a big 6-foot drop and then through a 90-foot long rock tunnel! All this just 2.5 miles from put-in.

Numerous Class 3-4 rapids follow this in the first 6 miles, such as Last Chance, Submarine Hole and Kanaka. The pace is mellower for the next 7 miles, allowing time to appreciate the solitude and beauty of the lush, forested canyon. The incredibly clean & clear Sierra mountain water originates from the snow pack on the back side of Squaw Valley & Alpine Meadows. You may get a glimpse of some wild-life and the river is host to rainbow and brown trout. We stop for a generous river side lunch (which many are surprised how good it is!). While your guides prepare the food, you will have time to swim and hike around.

After lunch we re-launch and below the entrance to Canyon Creek the Class 4 adrenaline rush kicks back in with the Ruck-a-Chucky rapids. Upper Ruck-A-Chucky (AKA Chunder) is the first in this series. Next is the formidable Ruck-A-Chucky Falls which is a Class 5-6 boulder slalom and a mandatory portage for clients – sorry no dollar amount can change that. We hike you up above the rapid and you can watch your brave & talented crew guide the boats down the 20′ drop through a sieve of huge boulders. Below the rapid your guide will bring the raft back over to you to get back in for the Lower Ruck-a-Chucky (AKA Cleavage) Rapid that immediately follows and is a fun “surf” spot. We make our way thru a 2 mile gorge laced with numerous Class 3-4 rapids such as Parallel Parking and Catapult (AKA 101 Airborne). Take out is at the Drivers Flat Road (old Greenwood Bridge) access point where our vans are waiting. The gear is loaded, with some assistance from the guests and we head back up the hill to Crooked Lane.

Overnight camping is available at our South Fork American River campground, for a full overnight experience with meals join us for a 2 day Rafting & Camping Trip!