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September 2022 River Clean-Up Opportunities

Volunteer for a local River Clean up 

Organizations prepare for September river clean ups:

Do you ever wonder what happens to all those sunglasses, cell phones, jewelry and trash that falls into the river each year? As much as we try to keep only organic matter in the river, other times things fall in…so river enthusiasts rally together to clean up these river beds and shores when the flows start to drop in the fall. This September there are many ways to give back and help, you can sign up for a clean up, donate and share the events with others!

SYRCL - South Yuba River Citizens League

The Yuba River is a popular place for people to swim and enjoy the river and outdoors. Unfortunately not everyone packs out what they bring to the river and the over-use leaves cigarette butts, illegal fire rings, plastic cups and more along the watershed.

Join SYRCL for the 25th annual Yuba River Clean. This 8 day event starts Saturday September 10th & includes opportunities in person and for monetary donations. 

PARC - Protect American River Canyons

The confluence of the North Fork and Middle Forks for the American River are a popular summer hangout area. Help PARC and others keep this area clean and the watershed healthy by attending the river clean up on Saturday September 17th. 

There are on river as well as on land clean up opportunities. If  you have your own boat please reach out to see how you can help. 

Ride the Auburn Confluence Shuttle and reduce your carbon footprint for the event as well!

Sierra Nevada Alliance & more

The Great Sierra River Cleanup is sponsored by the Sierra Nevada Alliance in support of several other non-profits including the Alpine Watershed Group, American River Conservancy, and Placer Land Trust – just to name a few. 

The areas covered include Lake Tahoe, Tahoe National Forest, American River watershed as well as many other locations from Sacramento into the hills. 

Check out the website to find river clean up opportunities all along the Sierra Mountain range.