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How to Become a River Guide

Become a river guide

Ah the life of a River Guide – traveling to amazing places, exploring river canyons on a daily basis, teaching guests about the experience they are on, all while telling jokes and soaking up the sun!

River Guiding is no easy task though, it takes training, practice and sometimes some gnarly swims. A passion for the outdoors and the preservation of nature are important factors as well. 

5 Steps to Becoming a River Guide

#1 – Go Rafting

If you have not been white water rafting then you should start by going on a commercially guided trip. Let us know when you book your trip that you have an interest in becoming a raft guide. We will make sure your guide has a heads up & so we can follow up with you after you get off the river. We have so many river trips to choose from, or feel free to contact us for help.

#2 – Love the outdoors

Rivers flow thru some really amazing places which are often remote and in the wilderness. Enjoying being in the outdoors is key to being a raft guide as that is your “office”. We support many restoration and local non-profits that help keep our waters healthy. Our guides are stewards of the rivers and passionate about the ecology, history and future of our rivers.

#3 – Be in good shape

Rafting trips are an active sport and running these trips is a physical job. If you have any questionable pre-existing conditions please to consult with your physician. Don’t worry, we have jobs for everyone, shuttle driving & admin associates are less straining positions

#4 – Apply for Raft Guide School

If you are interested in an outdoor adventure job as a river guide you will need to gain some basic skills. We offer a 7 day Guide School Training Program that will immerse you in learning how to guide commercial rafting trips. You will cook, camp and travel to fun different rivers. 

#5 – Get Certified

Raft Guides employment will require up to date certificates for the following:
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • CA Food Handlers License

Additional certifications (not required of first year guides):

  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Swiftwater Rescue
  • EMT

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