East Fork Carson River Whitewater Rafting Photos

East Fork Carson River whitewater rafting trips begin in the spring with the natural snowmelt from the mountains. This river is not dam controlled so the season may vary, but usually from April-June or July in a big year. 

There are 2 sections we raft on the river. The upstream Class 3 section is a 1/2 day trip suitable for kids age 9+. The lower section is Class 2 and 21 miles with Hot Springs about 2/3 of the way. This is great for families with younger kids 4+. We offer this as a 1 or 2 day trip, although we highly recommend the overnight as you can relax in the Hot Springs for longer as we camp by them. 

East Fork Carson River Class 2 Wilderness Section

A long 1 day trip with a soak in the Hot Springs at Lunch. Or a 2 day camping overnight where your camp is just a short walk to the Hot Springs. 

East Fork Carson River Overnight Rafting Trip with Hot Springs

The best way to see this river! Soak in the Hot Springs all you like while the guides take care of your meals!

East Fork Carson River Family Adventure Specials

Special rates for families with kids on our Family Rafting Specials

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