Purchasing Your Whitewater Photos & Videos

So you had an awesome time on your rafting trip and now you want to show all your friends your whitewater photos and the fun time you had on the river! On most of our California whitewater rafting trips, professional photographers shoot at various locations on the river, and proofs are available for viewing either online or at their location. If professional photographers are not available please ask about a private photographer who would accompany your group in a kayak to capture your trip.

During peak season, there will be some delay in getting your photos online, so we suggest you email the company from the CONTACT US page on their website, if you are unsuccessful in finding them after 7 days. Also please check their web sites for information regarding estimated times for viewing the photos and time frame for receiving your order.

[accordion autoclose=false clicktoclose=true scroll=true] [accordion-item title=”South Fork of the American River Rafting Photos”]

Photos of the South Fork American River ARE NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE. View your photos when you arrive back at the original meeting location at the kiosks provided. You can also visit the photographers directly before leaving the Coloma/Lotus area:

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Middle Fork American River and North Fork American River Rafting Photos”]

Photos are available online and @ Crooked Lane soon after you are off river.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Truckee River Rafting Photos”]

All Truckee River rafting photos are provided by CaliGold Photos and are available online for purchasing.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”North Fork Yuba River Rafting Photos”]

Not typically available, but ask us prior to your trip if there will be professional photographers on site.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Bringing your Own Camera”]

You are welcome to bring your own GoPro camera on your white water rafting trip, or another Waterproof Camera. Be aware you are responsible for anything you bring on the river.
Suggestions for bringing your own GoPro Camera:

  • Bring your own mounts/attachments etc…Our helmets fit the straps for the GoPro helmet mount.

We do NOT suggest you bring your cell phone on the river to capture photo/video!

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Photo Credits:

Most of the photos on this web site have been supplied by Hotshot Imaging, CaliGold Photos, VitaBoating and CA Creeks. Our guides have also provided us with photos and videos of our California Whitewater rafting trips.