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Going Green Blog: Episode 5 “2022 Employee of the Year selected non-profit”

2022 Employee of the Year – Casey Brown Non-Profit selected: American Whitewater

Every year our employees vote on an “Employee of the Year” to recognize the hard work the goes into our white water rafting operations. 

In the fall of 2022 our staff voted Casey Brown as the employee of the year! Casey has been a dedicated whitewater raft guide with Tributary for many years. His leadership skills have helped train new guides for our spring guide training program. 

Casey has chosen American Whitewater as his non-profit which will receive a monetary donation at the end of our 2023 rafting season. This amount will be determined off of how many cans we collect and recycle. The dollar amount from the recycled cans, will be have a company match (so doubled) and that money will go to American Whitewater.