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A Reflection on the 2020 Rafting Season

A reflection on 2020…

Hello all and Happy 2021!

The past year has definitely reminded us the importance of being mindful, respectful and grateful for all we have. Our 2020 season brought new challenges to the rafting industry. We have experienced high water spring seasons, drought years, & wildfires, just to name a few. A worldwide pandemic closing schools, workplaces, and so many businesses was something we could never have imagined.

The closures in California hit right as our spring season was starting and just as we were getting ready to start running trips, everything came to a halt on March 16th. We found out our kids were no longer going to school in person, the brewery we were currently standing in was being shut down, and what about rafting? The initial plans did not include our unique industry and as we worked our way through the gray areas with local legislatures, re-writing operating plans, and coordinating with other outfitters on an overall “plan”.

Finally on June 6th we started running trips…and it took off like a freight train! Everyone wanted to get outdoors, and our COVID protocols were among the safest ways to do so. Things were a little different, we ended up filling our trips up almost 2 weeks in advance with the limited space, and our guests were so stoked to come rafting!

For many, it had been weeks, or even months since they had traveled out of their counties, or been in nature, or stopped looking at a screen. It was so amazing to bring so much joy to people and it showed in the smiles of our guides and drivers everyday. Usually our season wraps up around Labor Day weekend with some trips going till the end of September. This last season we had more trips in September than before, the trend continued into October – so we kept rafting! We were running trips every weekend until November 7th! It was a great end to a crazy rafting season and we want to thank all our guests, staff, friends and family members for all the love and support this past year.

There were some rivers we did not get to run in 2020, and we are really excited to get back on those unique free flowing spring runs like the East Carson River overnight trip with hot springs at the camp. There are so many different kinds of river trips and we really have experiences for all types. A mellow Class 2 trip doesn’t have to be for just young kids, it’s a great way for adults to recharge and really get away from the stresses of life.

We will be welcoming groups for the 2021 season, in accordance with local guidelines and the CDC. Contact us to be connected with a group specialist who can help you choose the perfect adventure, from half day trips to overnight camping vacations with meals we have something for everyone.

Be sure to stay tuned…we have some really fun announcements coming soon…

We look forward to seeing you on the rivers