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Oregon – here we come!

We’re going Rafting in Oregon!

Join us on the Owyhee River, Deschutes River & North Santiam River

Tributary Whitewater Tours has been a premier California rafting outfitter since 1978. We have a passion to explore rivers,  a desire to share these magical places, and a natural instinct respect everything around us. In the past few years, the acquisition of American River outfitters; Adventure Connection (AC), and Mariah Wilderness Expeditions (MWE) has brought together an amazing team of individuals, spawning raftcalifornia.com, and now raftoregon.com as well. 

We are excited to announce that we will now be offering white water rafting trips in Oregon! We welcome, High Desert River Outfitters to the Tributary Family. We will now be offering white water rafting trips on the Owyhee River, Deschutes River, &  North Santiam River. Both the Owyhee and Deschutes rivers have been granted federal Wild and Scenic status, learn more about the wilderness overnight rafting trip options on both of these amazing sections of river.

Our new Oregon Rafting trips are within 2 hours of Portland and Bend. Peak season is May-September (certain trips available year-round).

Deschutes River Rafting

  • Class 2-3+ white water
  • 1/2 day, 1 day and 3 day wilderness trips
  • Meeting at the HDRO/raftoregon.com outpost in Maupin, Oregon

Owyhee River Rafting – The Grand Canyon of Oregon

  • Class 2-3+ white water
  • 4 day wilderness trips
  • Meeting in Rome, Oregon (alternate meeting location may be available)

North Santiam River Rafting

  • Class 2-3+ white water
  • 1 day trips
  • Meeting at Packsaddle County Park – 34519 N Santiam Hwy, Gates, Oregon

We are all so excited to go explore these rivers, share the knowledge we have of these places with our guests and continue to support the conservation of these rivers & lands. The rivers provide so much life and abundance to us. Getting to travel down rivers in boats is really a spectacular experience. It sounds like a really simple thing, to do, travel down rivers in boats. We travel light and have an open mind. We know the rivers well, some are mellow, some have intense rapids. You can travel the same section of river and it be a new journey each time, by meeting new people and creating new memories.

The Trib Fam continues to be represented by stewards of the river and people who like having fun in the outdoors. We look forward to guiding you down these rivers.