Lower Klamath River – Overnight 2 day raft trip


Northern California adventure!

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Rating: Class 2-3+

Minimum Age: 6 years

Length: 22 miles

Time: 10:00am day 1 – 4:30/5:00pm day 2

Price: $460-$540 [ VIEW PRICES ]

Includes 4 meals and 1 night camp, Inflatable Kayaks available


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On this Lower Klamath River rafting 2 day trip, you will enjoy its large sandy beaches for camping and play in its warm waters. There are many fun Class 2 and 3 whitewater rapids. The Lower Klamath River is known for its abundant wildlife and steel-head and salmon fishing and we welcome you to bring fishing poles (and license for adults).

We usually meet and put in at the Indian Creek River Access area just south of Happy Camp. Your personal gear may be transferred to dry bags for loading onto the gear raft, or loaded on a vehicle for transport to the overnight camp.

On the first day of the trip, we encounter Class 3 rapids like Kanaka Falls (or Rattlesnake), Devil’s Toe Nail, and the Trench. Also many other smaller but fun rapids. class 2 rapids and we stop for a great river side lunch. We have numerous options available for camping, either wilderness style or other an access area like Wingate Bar. Camping is always primitive, with no showers or flush toilets, but the quiet solitude of this area makes up for the lack of facilities.  After camp is set-up, you can sit back and enjoy the river with appetizers and a cold beverage, fish, play, or hike while your guides prepare a fantastic dinner.

On the 2nd day of this Lower Klamath River rafting 2 day trip, awake to the majestic sound of the river from our river side camp. Enjoy the tranquility with a hot drink or juice while breakfast is prepared by your guides. Many more rapids are run including Dragon’s Tooth (younger kids will be hiked around this), Osprey, and Sasquatch Squeeze. We stop for another delicious river-side lunch.

One of the highlights of the trip is the side hike through the rain forest setting of Ukonom Creek. At the end of a ¾ mile trek, there are twin 20′ waterfalls cascading into a large icy swimming hole. Take out is at Coon Creek or Dillon Creek. You will be served cold drinks and you will be returned to your vehicles.

Tributary Whitewater Tours operates under permit from the Klamath National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider.