Lower Klamath River – Overnight 3 day raft trip


Northern California mini vacation!

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Rating: Class 2-3+

Minimum Age: 6 years

Length: 24-28 miles

Time: 10:00am day 1 – 4:30pm day 3

Price: $560-$650 [ VIEW PRICES ]

Includes 7 meals and 2 nights camping, Inflatable Kayaks available


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On a Lower Klamath River rafting 3 day trip, there are many sections that can be run. Normally it would be from Happy Camp to Dillon Creek. The logistics depend on the ages of participants, Native Indian celebrations etc.

Often this is an extension of the 2 day trip, maybe spending the night at the mouth of Ukonom Creek to enjoy the side hike, and then continuing on another blissful, leisurely day with some Class 2 rapids and the Class 3 of Blue Swillup. Inflatable kayaks can be used for the more adventurous, and we stop again for lunch, before our take-out at Persido Bar.

On a 3 day Lower Klamath rafting trip, we may also include a more active section above Happy Camp from Portuguese Creek to China Creek. This section has some good Class 3 rapids with Lower & Upper Savage and Otters Playpen.  This is a good choice for those with older youths. It involves a shuttle back upstream on the morning of day 3 after breakfast, with the advantage of ending the trip north of Happy Camp for an shorter drive to Yreka and I-5 at the end of the trip.

We think 2 days is never quite enough! So we encourage you to take a bit more time from your busy schedule and enjoy some real relaxation with friends and family.

Tributary Whitewater Tours operates under permit from the Klamath National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider.