“Verdi Run” Half-day Rafting Trip on the Truckee River


Not running in 2018

Difficulty: Beginner

Rating: Class 2+

Minimum Age: 7 yrs (9 yrs during higher water)

Length: 8 miles

Time: 9:15am – 12:45pm or 1:30-5:00pm

Price: Starting at $79 [ VIEW PRICES ]

No meals, drinks at take-out. 


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This trip is an alternate run to our regular Boca to Floriston trip when flows on that section are high. We predict this will be the case with 2019 Truckee River Raft Trips into June or July.

This Class 2+ Verdi Run on the Truckee River is usually ONLY offered when the water levels on our regular Truckee River Boca Run are too high due to snow melt. During a normal year, river flows on this run are too low most of the time. We cannot always guarantee which of the 2 rafting trips will be offered on any day, as it will be dependent of water levels which can change unexpectedly. So on occasions Truckee River rafting trips booked on the Boca Run will be switched to the Verdi Run.

We transport our clients from our meeting location near Truckee to the put in at Crystal Peak Park near Verdi, NV. Most of this river rafting trip has easy Class 2 rapids, with a couple of bigger rapids like “Gorilla Falls”, aka River Bend and “Powerhouse”. This trip flows thru a pastoral setting of meadows with screens of cottonwood and willows. We take off the river at Mayberry Park on the western outskirts of Reno. We serve you refreshments while we load the rafts and then you are returned to the meeting location.

Permitted courtesy of Washoe County Regional Parks & Open Space.