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Specialty Rafting Trips – Summer 2023

Wine Tasting, Oregon Ornithology, Red Dirt Ruckus, Wellness Retreats, Fishing & Hunting...Specialty Whitewater Rafting Trips are Now Available


We are excited to announce the addition of several unique river experiences to our whitewater trip lineup this season.

Hear live music by Red Dirt Ruckus, relax and unwind with yoga during the Women’s Wellness Retreat, or taste wine on the shores of the river. A multi-day whitewater trip is already an amazing experience and we are ready to bring it to the next level and offer something truly special.

Fishing & Hunting on the Snake

Fishing on the Snake River is an angler’s delight and this trip highlights just that! Expect to find trout, bass and steelhead during the trip and fish caught will be fried up by the guides. Chukar hunting is available during the fall where hunters are dropped off on shore to walk the trails as boats follow on the river.

Trip Dates: Sept 12 & 18 and Oct 16 & 30

Moving Deep, Wellness on the South Fork American

Spend the weekend in the Sierra Nevada foothills recharging with wellness and rafting on the American River. Guests will immerse themselves in a day of yoga and holistic health followed by an evening of camping along the shores of the river. On day two the group will raft the South Fork American River Chili Bar section. Put on in partnership with Moving Deep Yoga out of Lotus, CA

Trip Date: September 22

Wineries & Whitewater on the South Fork American

A weekend of wine tasting, camping and whitewater rafting just outside of Sacramento. Guests will tour award-winning wineries in El Dorado County on day one and camp along the shores of the South Fork American River after the tastings. On day two the group will raft the South Fork American River Chili Bar section.

Trip Date: September 30 


Women’s Wellness Retreat on Hells Canyon

Unwind and re-wild during the four-day three-night Women’s Wellness retreat on the Snake River with Courtney Hansen from the Sweetest Life. Yoga sessions, massages, guided fishing lessons, side hikes, and more, guests will get in tune with nature as they relax on the banks of the river.

Check back for more information on 2024 dates!

Oregon Ornithology on the Deschutes

Our newest specialty trip is coming up very soon, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to partner with Brodie Cass Talbot, President of the Oregon Birding Association. Brodie will be leading this interpretive journey with his river, historical and birding knowledge.

Check back for more information on 2024 dates!

Red Dirt Ruckus on the South Fork American River

Join Sierra Nevada Foothills-based Red Dirt Ruckus on the South Fork American River for a two-night two-day rafting trip. After a day on the water, guests will get into some toe-tapping, hip-shakin’, bluegrass mixed with a bit of reggae and funk. The band will perform multiple times throughout the river trip.

Trip Date: Sept 9

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