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Best American River Rafting Companies: Tributary Whitewater Tours

Best American River Rafting Companies: Tributary Whitewater Tours

When it comes to whitewater rafting in California, the American River is the gold standard. Its three forks—South Fork, Middle Fork, and North Fork—offer a thrilling variety of rapids that cater to both novice and seasoned rafters. But among the many rafting companies vying for your paddle, one stands out for its commitment to safety, sustainability, and sheer fun: Tributary Whitewater Tours. Let’s dive into why Tributary is not just a choice, but the best choice for your American River adventure.

The Allure of the American River

The American River flows from the Sierra Nevada mountains, carving its way through the stunning landscapes of Northern California before joining the Sacramento River. This river is a magnet for whitewater enthusiasts, with each fork providing a unique experience:

  • South Fork: Ideal for families and beginners, with its playful rapids and rich Gold Rush history. The South Fork is not just a rafting trip; it’s a journey through time.
  • Middle Fork: Known for its infamous “Tunnel Chute” rapid, this fork offers a mix of heart-pounding action and serene beauty, perfect for intermediate rafters.
  • North Fork: For the seasoned rafter, the North Fork’s challenging Class IV and V rapids promise an adrenaline-pumping adventure amidst breathtaking wilderness.

Why Choose Tributary Whitewater Tours?

Founded in 1978 by Dan Buckley, Tributary Whitewater Tours has been a pioneer in the California rafting scene. 

  1. Diverse and Exciting Trip Options: Whether you’re a newbie or a whitewater veteran, Tributary has something for you. Their trips on the South Fork are perfect for a fun family outing, while the North Fork caters to those looking for serious thrills.
  2. Experienced and Passionate Guides: Tributary’s guides are not just experts; they live and breathe rafting. Many spend their off-season exploring other rivers around the world. Their passion is contagious, and their knowledge of the river’s ecology and history adds depth to every trip.
  3. Commitment to Sustainability: Tributary Whitewater Tours practices what they preach when it comes to environmental stewardship. They minimize their ecological footprint through sustainable practices like using reusable dishes and avoiding single-use plastics. Their dedication to preserving the river ensures that future generations can enjoy these waters too.
  4. Family-Owned Charm: Now owned by river guide Jeremiah Copper, who bought the company in 2018, Tributary maintains a family-friendly atmosphere. Jeremiah’s journey from a young rafter in Ohio to a rafting outfitter in California embodies the spirit of adventure and community that Tributary stands for.

Meet the Team

Jeremiah Copper: Owner and veteran raft guide, Jeremiah’s love for the river started with a family trip at age nine. His passion for rafting led him west, where he met his wife Eva, and together they have built a business that feels more like a family. Request Jeremiah and Eva for your trip and you might just get a glimpse of their two boys, future rafting legends in the making.

Chris Reeves: Originally from Bentonville, Arkansas, Chris has been guiding since 2004. He joined Tributary in 2016 and brings a wealth of experience and a love for the river. When he’s not guiding, you can find him skiing or spending time with his family.

Jessica Hranek: A testament to the transformative power of rafting, Jessica joined Tributary after a life-changing rafting trip during the pandemic. Now in sales, Jessica’s enthusiasm for rafting is infectious, making her a valuable part of the team.

Booking Your Adventure

Ready to embark on an unforgettable rafting journey? Booking with Tributary Whitewater Tours is simple and convenient. Choose from a variety of trips, whether it’s a half-day jaunt on the South Fork or a multi-day adventure on the Middle Fork. For the ultimate experience, don’t miss their unique offerings like the wine tasting and rafting combo.

Give them a call at 530.626.7385 or visit their website to book your trip. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, Tributary Whitewater Tours promises an adventure you’ll never forget.

In the world of American River rafting, Tributary Whitewater Tours shines brightly.

Their combination of diverse trip options, passionate guides, commitment to sustainability, and family-owned charm sets them apart. So, where is the American River located in California? Right in the heart of adventure, waiting for you to explore its rapids and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your trip today with Tributary Whitewater Tours and discover why they are the best in the business.