Trinity River – “Burnt Ranch Gorge” 2 day raft trip


Rare Class 5 summer run

Difficulty: Advanced

Rating: Class 5

Minimum Age: 16 years

Length: 20 miles

Time: 9:00am – 4:30/5:00pm

Price: $349+ [ VIEW PRICES ]

Includes 4 meals and 1 nights camp.


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Normally the 2 day raft trip on Burnt Ranch Gorge will run the entire Gorge twice in 2 days. You get the same adventure twice! This is not a novice run and previous rafting experience is required. Strong swimming skills are also a must and a Class V swim test may be administered at the put-in Day 1. 

Please see the description of the 1 day trip.

After take-out at Hawkins Bar, we will return to Burnt Ranch Gorge Campground to spend the night. You will be served dinner in the evening and breakfast the following morning by your awesome river guides. 

We can also offer this trip at a slower pace that might be better suited to some. The first part of the trip is run down to the trail that comes up to Burnt Ranch Campground and is above “Falls” (first Class V rapids encountered). The rafting equipment is left in the canyon. We hike back next morning after breakfast to tackle the most challenging section of the Gorge. 

Tributary operates under permit from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and is an equal opportunity service provider