Enjoy 2 amazing days of rafting on the North Yuba River. Our 2 day trip typically begins with the Maytag Run on the first day.  The second day runs will typically depend on flows. There are Class 5 runs on Moss Canyon and Rossosco Ravine (aka the Downieville Run), as well as the Class 4 Bullard’s Bar run from our camp down to the reservoir. Camping is at our Private camp in the Tahoe National Forest, this is a primitive camp with no amenities so be ready to rough it a bit.

Wetsuits are usually required for this trip and you are welcome to bring your own or rent one from us.

There are several Class 4 and 5 runs on the North Yuba River including the Maytag (aka Goodyears Bar), Moss Canyon, Rossosco Ravine, and Bullards Bar. The Maytag run is our most popular trip, although the trip will depend on client abilities, flows and weather. We also There is also an expert run called Wild Plum that is sometimes available for return rafters who have been on Class 4+ with us before.

Maytag / Goodyear’s Bar Run:

  • 9 miles
  • Starts with Class 2-3+ rapids, many Class 4-4+ rapids to follow
  • Class 5 Maytag Rapid after lunch followed by Class 4+ Son of Maytag!

Bullard’s Bar Run:

  • 6 miles rafting (plus about 12 miles of boating on Bullard’s Bar Reservoir)
  • Class 3-4+ rapids
  • Beautiful Wilderness section!

Moss Canyon Run:

  • 6 miles
  • Continuous Class 4-5 action Two Pair & Ramshorn Rapids
  • 3 Class 5 rapids right after the other – Floss Moss, Toss Moss & the big one, Boss Moss!

Rosassco Ravine Run:

  • 4 miles
  • Continuous Class 4-5 whitewater excitement
  • Big Dummy Rapid


Overnight rafting trips on the North Yuba River are the perfect way to combine several Class 4-5+ white water runs! These trips are some of the best in Northern California. Certain runs are sometimes not available and it is all up to Mother Nature on that. If you are interested in getting more info on when a specific run is available please feel free to contact us!

The 2 day North Yuba River Rafting & Camping trip is great for Bachelor Parties! We are close to Lake Tahoe, Sacramento & San Francisco. We also offer a 1 day North Yuba River Rafting Trip.