California Rafting – Easiest/Young Children

The easiest California & American River rafting trips are usually suitable for younger kids, (ages 4-8) or more timid children. Also seniors, expecting mothers and special needs may find this level of rafting the most suitable. These easier rafting trips do not feature any rapids over a Class 2+. They can be a great alternative to Class 3 trips for non-swimmers particularly when water levels are higher.

Certainly these trips are also enjoyable for many adults and older youths as well. We can add inflatable kayaks to satisfy more adventurous participants, so they can be suitable for diverse groups. Many offer more wilderness surrounds, less people and more wildlife. Other unique aspects can make these trips appealing to all, like the natural hot springs on the East Fork Carson River overnight raft trip. The beautiful wilderness canyon where the half day Lower Middle Fork American River trip wanders thru is a surprise so close to Sacramento.

Also check out our weekday overnight Family Rafting Specials where youths raft for 20-50% off (with each full paying adult).

See below for selections of the easiest California & American River rafting trips. Be sure to call or email if you have questions or concerns about taking young children, seniors or special needs on the river. We also feel that these trips are suitable for pregnant ladies, but obviously check with your doctor. 

We can customize some trips in the Class 2-3 category for the less adventurous. Class 3 sections on the South Fork American are offered on some of the combo trips, so different aged kids can enjoy rafting together until after lunch on the 2nd day. Also different sections of the Lower Klamath and Trinity Rivers are more suitable for some younger kids. 

Tributary Whitewater Tours has been operating safe and fun whitewater rafting trips since 1978. We know our stuff and will take great care of you and your family!

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