California Rafting – Intermediate/More Difficult

Intermediate rafting trips on the American and other California Rivers feature primarily Class 4 and occasional Class 5 rapids. For the suitably qualified, they offer challenge and excitement. However these river trips are not for everyone!

Usually previous Class 3 or 4 experience is required. This is more critical at times when the rivers are running higher due to heavy rain or snow melt. Some first timers in a group may be considered if they are adventurous and active individuals who are extremely comfortable on the water (like a surfer or diver). Strong swimming abilities are definitely recommended (NO NON-SWIMMERS). The minimum age for youths is normally 14 years.

Many of the best of these intermediate whitewater trips are free flowing rivers that are not dam controlled. These flows depend on the mountain snowpack so their season will vary each year and it will be longer when the snowpack is above average. See River Flow Predictions page for more detailed information.

Water levels do impact the level of difficulty at times. We are always glad to assist you in making a decision that considers the current conditions, so please feel free to give us a call for our advice.

For easier options see Intermediate/Active First Time and for more difficult options see Most Difficult California Raft Trips.

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