California Rafting – Advanced/Most Difficult

Advanced rafting trips in California offer the most difficult runs featuring many Class 5 rapids. Water hydraulics are very strong, with large drops and rock gardens. All participants must have previous Class 4 experience. We also require all participants to have excellent swimming skills. A Class 5 swim test may be administered prior to launching which would include being able to swim in a strong current, under the raft, and getting back in a raft unassisted.

Absolutely NO NON-SWIMMERS on these advanced rafting trips! Minimum age usually 16 years, but that will depend on water levels and experience.

If you have not rafted with Tributary before, and your previous experience is with another rafting outfitter,  we will want to verify that experience. This is for your safety as well as the well being of our river guides and other participants. Do not drag your inexperienced buddies on these trips because you want to do it. You are welcome to join these advanced trips solo. If the paddling skills or activity level is not adequate, we may have to remove people from the trip, or abandon the raft trip all together. The safety of everyone involved is paramount.

Other rivers may fall into this category at higher flows, like the Class 5 sections of the North Yuba River.

For trips that are less intense, but still feature large rapids see Intermediate/More Difficult trips.