North Fork Yuba River – Map & Directions

Meeting Location for North Fork Yuba River Rafting:

9:30 am at Tributary Camp: near Indian Valley Campground, Camptonville, CA. 10 miles east of Camptonville, 10 miles west of Downieville. See map below. 

Please be on time and note that there is no real address for this location. If you want to get a close destination, use 5151 Golden Chain Hwy, Camptonville, CA 95922 – this is approximately 2,000 ft. from the right turn on Indian Valley Rd. Can also use Indian Valley Campground, Camptonville, CA from Google maps.

Note that cell reception is pretty non-existent past Nevada City so if you are running late or need to contact us please do so in Nevada City or use the pay phone from Indian Valley Outpost Resort located on Hwy 49.

GPS Coordinates provided by Tahoe National Forest: Latitude:+39° 30′ 48.79″, Longitude -120° 58′ 58.91″. PLEASE NOTE THAT GPS DIRECTIONS ARE OFTEN INCORRECT AND WE HAVE MANY CLIENTS WHO USE GPS AND GET REALLY LOST. Please use our map in conjunction with any other mapping device/method you use, and try and stay aware of exactly where you. Cell phone reception is also not always available in these rural areas. We cannot be responsible for you getting lost and missing your trip.

Rendezvous Point:

The TWT parking and camping is on right side of Indian Valley Rd. past the well house just before road loops back to Hwy 49. Look for the Tributary Vehicles!

Directions to the Yuba River from:

Google map for Tributary Whitewater Tours North Yuba River:

**NOTE : There is no exact address to our meeting location, Longitude and Latitude measurements are most accurate**