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Book Now Pay Later – Free Flowing Spring Trips

Book Now Pay Later

For 2022 Spring Rafting Trips

Since COVID came around in March of 2020 we have been constantly changing how we do business. One positive change was our “Book Now Pay Later” options. When folks were loosing jobs and unsure of travel plans when the pandemic started, we initiated the option for guests to reserve their rafting trips with $0 deposits as trips were not 100% guaranteed. We found this gave people the positivity to plan vacations and think of more “normal” times again.

As we move away from those uncertainties, we still offer a number of white water rafting trips that are still not guaranteed due to flows. Many of our rivers are free-flowing, meaning there is no dam/reservoir feeding the river flows. These free flowing river trips depend on snowpack from the winter and the rate of melt in the spring. Large snowpacks like we saw in 2016 and 2018 were ideal for these river trips, the snow lasted late into the season and springtime temperatures offered a slow melt-off.

These free flowing rivers are often sought after river trips. Maybe your guide suggested the challenging North Fork American River with it’s emerald green waters. Or you’ve been wanting to run a certain section of the North Yuba (Maytag/Goodyears Bar, Moss Canyon, Rossosco Ravine) and just haven’t caught it on the right year. Well we get it, and we get that many of you have already been on the guaranteed options like the South Fork American or Upper Klamath Rivers.

Our Book Now Pay Later payment plan is available for the following river trips:

North Fork American River

1 day North Fork American River Rafting Trip

North Yuba River

1 & 2 day North Yuba River Rafting Trips

  • Class 4 & 5 runs
  • 9 miles (1 day) / 16+ miles (2 day)
  • Minimum age is 14+
  • All participants must swim
  • Meets in Downieville, CA

East Carson River

2 day East Fork Carson River Rafting Trips

  • Class 2-2+
  • 21 miles
  • Min. age 4-8 (this can be a chilly trip)
  • Non-swimmers welcome
  • Meets in Markleeville, CA
  • Please contact us for 2022 trips. As soon as flows permit, our team will be assessing this river trip as there may be changes to the river dynamics after the 2021 Tamarack Fire. We do anticipate running trips in the spring.

Kaweah River

1 Day Kaweah River Trip

  • Class 4+
  • 10 miles
  • Minimum age is 14+
  • All participants must swim
  • Meets in Three Rivers, CA

We look forward to the upcoming winter months in hopes of lots of snow in the mountains. Not only for the vitality of our rivers, but also to shred some knar!

Ski/Ride the fresh stuff in the winter – Raft/Kayak the flows in the summer!